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Cable Tie

Cable Tie (RCV / HRCV / HV / HVC / RDCV)

Kai Suh Suh cable tie is mainly used for binding and wrapping several electronic cables or wires together to make them organized. KSS is committed to quality, reliability, customer service, cost effective, and has been o...

Push Mount Tie

Push Mount Tie (PCV / PGV / PSV / PWV / PFV / PHV Series)

-Material: UL approved Nylon 66, 94V-2. -Press the tie into a pre-drilled hole and secure one-piece harness tying and mounting.

Marker Tie

Marker Tie (MCV / SCT / PMT Series)

-Material: UL approved NYLON 66, 94V-2. -The and identify bundles of cable in one operation. -Flat areas may be imprinted or written on with a Marking Pen.

Cable Tie - Double Locking

Cable Tie - Double Locking (DL / DK / DCV Series)

-Material: UL approved Nylon 66, Nylon 12, 94V-2. -Special double locking design with stronger tensile strength.

Wire Collect Tie

Wire Collect Tie (TL / PCT / WL / WLT / WCT Series)

-Material: Polyethylene PE. -Wrap electrical cords for shipping and packaging.

Mounting Cable Tie

Mounting Cable Tie (TCV Series)

-Material: UL approved Nylon 66,94V-2. -Color: Natural white (Available in black). -The cable tie can be secured to panel with a single bolt.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties (CV Series)

The cable ties are made of UL approved Nylon 66, 94V-2 to meet your demand for organizing cables and wires. The colors are offered as natural and black, and the CV series has different specifications for various applica...


Kabelbinder (DL / DK / DCV Series)

The kabelbinder is referred to cable tie used for bundling cables in various sizes and lengths with long lasting fastening option under extreme conditions. KSS is a leading wire accessories manufacturer of cable binder, ...

To inquire or purchase, select products on  and click Select All Unselect All
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